Wednesday, June 1, 2011


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(I am breaking a rule I made up for my blog- no personal poetry. Instead I am going to start with one. What are rules for if not for breaking?)


Death arrived as
                         ballistic trauma
did he look
                 into the eyes of the navy seal
and grasp
               the meaning of the lead leaving home 

He laughed arrogance
                                  Not all men knew
their mission was one
                                 of suicide. When his turn came
to face the darts
                        did he hear the heartbreak of victims kin

Alas jingoism wears clothes
                                           pulled from the same rack
across cultures
                      Ask the designers to contrast some fabric
even sparingly
                     with threads from genocides past and future

That is easy still, try hemming
                                              the facelessness behind
man-made disasters
                              and carelessness in calamity's aftercare
the hardest
                to collar is our righteousness in daily self-deceptions

Please, can we make
                               some dartboards
for elusive elements
                             which render most of us
                       even as we float in our amniotic fluid-

Then the TV people
                             can be loud
pick-out details
                      demand pictures, invite experts
and analyze
                 the consequence on upcoming elections

Written in May 2011.  

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