Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Persimmon Tree

The Persimmon tree came home with us as a plant from Home Depot when it was a year old. We planted it on my son's first birthday. They are both nine now.

It grew fast, by itself. It did not need any attention at all. The fruit came early, within 2-3 years. Since then, every Fall I have had a basket of beautiful, sweet Persimmons to distribute. “I love Persimmons!” is the usual response I get. 
But once when I decorated Halloween muffins with an orange Persimmon topping instead of the icing, the children in my son's school did not fancy it. I in turn, learned a lesson.

My co-workers had introduced me to the fruit, it is only found in California in the US, they said. Some of them had trees in their homes and had brought the fruit to work. I was hooked to the fruit. There are two kinds of Persimmons- soft or firm in flesh. We have the latter.

About two years ago I fell in love with our tree. Just like that. I was walking past it on a hot summer day and felt the coolness that a only the full shade of a tree can give. Tranquility and stillness. The tree wasn't just a tree anymore, it seemed to exude a character. Sturdy, faithful, forgiving and ever giving.
The tree is right outside my bedroom window, so every season brings a different hue, mood and meaning into the room.

Spring 2011

Summer 2011

Fall 2011
Winter 2011

Spring 2012
Summer 2012

This cycle is quietly repeated every year. Everything is on time but graceful, like a ballerina in a dance act.

This year the tree has a problem. 
Falling buds
The buds are falling off. I wonder if it is a pollination issue what with the honeybees dying off or an infestation striking at the seat of the bud. It is systematic. I need to find out more.


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