Sunday, June 1, 2014

"The Kiss"

(a poem)

"This Wedding Photo is Breaking Social Media Record For Most Likes!" -

I don’t know much about fashion 
I live in a bubble within reflections of reality
But even I saw the Instagram picture-
The newlyweds kissing before a wall of white roses

Isn't Kardashian an Armenian origin name?
Like Kevorkian the euthanasia doctor?  I knew Chagoyan in grad school
I asked him once about the genocide but he didn't want to talk 
That’s 3 degrees of thought-separation, is it?

Opulent wedding in Italy.  Italy,  Berlusconi,  AC Milan,
Football,  World Cup,  Brazil,  Protests,  Poverty.
Let’s start over.  Wedding in a castle.  Catherine Zeta-Jones,
Oh that marriage is no more

Let’s try for a happy ending.  West.  North by Northwest,
Would LOVE to go on a train in my own cabin like in the end of that movie
Because, maybe in the rhythm of gentle rocking from stop to station
It’ll be as if I’m doing something even when I’m really sleeping. Hold on-

Maybe it’s as if we’re all AT the wedding even when we’re not
Because we’re really floating in our very own bubbles in the rhythm of the internet
Seeing any reality and reflection we fancy– like a wedding kiss before a wall of flowers
Stopping at any station of our mind, rocking from rant to rant, like to like



  1. Read ' Prince Dara Shikuh- M-u-B. Got to know a lot more than what I was told in the school over five decades ago. Very interesting.