Neti, Iti

This blog is best described by what it is not. 

   No two blog posts wish to be similar
       (unless they are sequenced, of course)
              no post hopes to finish with the same thought
              it seemingly began with
              although never by overt craft
   Not unlike
        the silence in silhouette
        inside spoken words
   or the
       counter streamlets
       in calm ponds

   Never fully consistent or complete

This is me.

I like to write
I like our California weather
except when it is very dry or cold.
I make dinner around 6 while listening to the news on NPR
on a small radio sitting on my kitchen counter
which means I have to avoid a couple of corners
or there will be static noise to bear
Despite turning the antenna this way and that.
I was in research & development of semiconductor technology
now I am homeschooling our son
I like slow conversations, backyard bird-visitors, ripe-fruit on trees, trees, moon, warm food, the stillness of solitude in work and the silence inside spoken words

     Welcome to tha blog!



  1. I wanted to ask, why inconsistent and incomplete.
    Neti, Iti gave the answer.

    1. I also explained towards the end of the post "I have something to say".

      I feel what ever I do or say, even to best of my capabilities and intention at multiple levels seems at some subtle level, inconsistent and incomplete. Trying to zoom into this subtleness by feeling, thought and words has been the journey of this blog.